Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Watch , Part three

Over the last 9 years, we have gradually built a system for "watching" when a mare is due, without having to camp out in the barn. It's not just cause I'm lazy: Mares have some control of when they go into labor, and will often wait 'til you're not there to watch--you think it's a coincidence that we miss so many births?
First item was a regular (audio) baby monitor, which is mounted high up in the stall. The reciever is in my bedroom window, about 130 feet away--about max for this particular model. This one is getting close to biting the dust, but this is the last foal I plan to have for quite a while.
The little video camera system was purchased in bits and pieces off of eBay for about $150 total. You can just see it's little circular lens, below the conduit and to the right of the outlet box.
When I started chores tonight (Wednesday) I noted that Misty's teats had waxed a bit--tonight or tomorrow should see some excitement. Her udder is fully distended and pretty hard.
So I braided up her tail while she ate her evening grain.

Wrapped it with a non-stretchy flannel wrap (so as not to risk a tight section cutting off circulation to the tail; the electrical tape that anchors the wrap is just below her tail bone).
By the time I finished with chores, one teat was dripping a little milk!
Looks like tonight is the night!
[Note: This post is being put up a day late--I was pretty busy last night. Next post on it's way!]

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  1. Ooohhhh - I hope all went well! Baby horsies!!!!

    I like the idea of baby monitor and camera. I recently came across a mare who had just foaled in a field far from a house - the owners had no idea. She was quite a mess, yet was busy grazing and completely ignoring the foal who was still covered with the amniotic sac.