Friday, February 13, 2009

Growing Up Paint--III

Yearling Summer (2006)

Remind me again why I have horses with white markings? The girls were going to a small private treaty sale the next day, so they both got baths. Although Maddie felt like she wanted to melt into the manure pile in shame, I tried to convince her that she was the steed of the dashing "Blue Knight."

Kate got her mane braided. Because of the dun-gene "frosting" over the black base, the braids came out with a really neat variegated look. The next morning, they came out really kinky!

Here they are, waiting (almost) patiently at the trailer for their turn in the sales ring. At this point my plan was to sell whichever one I could, and keep the other as a replacement broodmare for Maddie's dam, Misty.
Run, Maddie, run, and grow!

Kate wants to learn to drive! (But this isn't the vehicle I would use!)

Even with her one blue eye/white schlera (her one obvious overo marking on the apron faced side of her head), Maddie has a soft expression. Most of Misty's babies got this overo trait in just one eye. Although I joke about "getting the evil eye," I've never bought into the theory that horses with this pigmentation quirk are mean or crazy. Maddie (and her brothers Dodger and Pete) disprove that.

I've always thought the spot on her flank showed an elegant young debutante.
Life's tough!
Uncle Corky stands guard over his long yearlings.Pond babies, early winter, 2006.

Although the torn blanket is on Maddie, it was actually Kate who did the damage.
I generally start blanketing about mid- to late-February, to start them shedding out for the early spring schooling shows and sales.
Kate's a big girl now--2 years old.
4H schooling show, April 2007
Feeding time. This year's new arrival:
Amy is Kate's half-sister, by a champagne tobiano stud.

All the "sisters" want to see!

The herd on spring pasture.
Agenda for the coming summer: saddle training!


  1. Love the full on gear in the top picture..haha!
    I braided my mare's mane today like that...I am bucking the system of hunter mane right sheep of my fat cat barn!
    My Thoroughbred mare has a long mane like one of the Arabians!
    Yea...saddle training!

  2. I have never seen full gear like that. Reminds me of one 40 below Celcius winter in Montreal when I had a full suit made for my part greyhound dog, Scott. It cost me a fortune, and he HATED it. Hope Maddie will get more wear out of hers:) They sure are beautiful horses!