Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fast Forward to Today

It's the First week of Freaking February, and it Fifty degrees out!
I can't stand it. I need to ride a Fuzzy, Furry horse (or two).
Unlike Daun and Brego, I'm a Fair-weather rider. I remember a time, a long, looong time ago, when I first went back East, after growing up in SoCal. It was a KICK! to saddle up my two charges, riding one and ponying the other, and ride through the snow.
Now, however, my old bones can barely survive doing chores in the cold. And it's getting harder to keep up with any antics the young ones might provide. So I need to be at least a little warm, without having to bundle up so deeply that I limit my movement even more than my age and arthritis does.
But today, the sun is out, I'm able to work in a sweatshirt and insulated vest, long johns and jeans (rather than the insulated coveralls I've been living in since November), and a single pair of light gloves. I've been dragging my almost-an-arena for a week, to try and loosen it up and dry it out.
And it's FIFTY.
So the girls are in for a surprise: work! Or at least the beginnings of legging them up for spring.
My assumption is that Kate will be no big deal (you KNOW what happens when you assume, don't you?).
I figure I'll gauge how much to do with Maddie by how she behaves on the lunge-line.
So I bring everybody (including the two- and three-year-olds) in and brush the worst of the mud and muck out of their thick winter coats.
I thought I might work the two babies on the lunge first, because it'd be quick. But Kate's leaning over the door, so I think--Hey! Might as well ride first, so I can't claim I'm too tired after working the babies.
There's a bridle path in here someplace.

Aren't I sweeeet?

Ready to go to work....


Sandy comes to save me from the naughty Flying horsie.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Kate Flew around, barely touching the ground, except for the two times her Feet slid out from under her. She Finally decided to settle down, if only for self preservation.

You want me to do what?! Fine!

Oh....Now I remember: Flex.

I'm up. No Fuss.

Can't do too much, the Footing is lousy: icy/Frozen/thawing/muddy in patches: walk-trot some small circles and Figure-eights (around the muddy/icy patches).

Fairly good First ride for all the earlier Free-For-all.

I did also get on Maddie, but Al had gotten cold, so I didn't get photos--maybe tomorrow.

Maddie was considerably better than Kate, which was nice considering that it was just her 7th ride. There were none of the airs above the ground, she stood nice at the mounting block, and walked right out when I asked her; circles and Figure-eights again, then called it good and put her up.

Maybe out in the pasture tomorrow for both of them.

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  1. Mares! Congratulations on your rides, though. I didn't get out at all this week because of the sinuses, but hopefully tomorrow.

    (And that's Daun and Brego, not Shaun. She is such a trooper.)

  2. Thanks, dp, I guess you could surmise that I'm name-challenged, after what I did to yours!

  3. Yea, good time rides...more to come soon hopefully.
    My mare is calm of late, but the beans are there I can tell!