Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updates: Good and Not-So-Good and Good Again

Little RT seems to be totally back to normal, though I'm continuing to keep an eye on him.  The little shoulder guard I fashioned was still working its way forward, so this weekend I tried a different option: His old nylon show sheet.  It seems a little small on him, so we'll have to wait and see.  Isn't he purty, though?

The weather has been pretty good lately, and the roads have all thawed off, allowing me to help out Anita and Terry--taking Betz back in to the vet.  The knot of proudflesh under her chin was almost as big as a golf ball, and there was a new round of putrid discharge.
Look at her pretty new "bling!"
After taking another round of X-rays (the third since her injury in mid-October) it turns out that there WAS another fracture--only visible now that the bone has begun remodeling itself!  Running diagonally from below her first molar, all the way along the left branch of the lower jawbone to her back incisor, it's amazing to all of us (including the vet) that she's done as well as she has!
Dr. Mark removed the proudflesh and poked around inside.  All he found of concern were some little bone spurs that were developing around the new bone, so he smoothed those down a bit, to prevent them from creating internal irritation that might be contributing to the abscess.
Betz is obviously not having any trouble eating!
She used to have such a pretty little face--it's winter-fuzzy and obviously a little swollen at this point, but I think she's lost a bit of the pretty.
Back at home with her BFF Casey.  Still hungry, even after minor surgery!

Remember this little guy?  He snuck into the last post on RT, just like he snuck into our hearts, three years ago.
 Jackson--now Jax--is growing up!
 Quite a handsome dude, ain't he?
 And he's got a new little brother (that's stealing a little of Mom's attention away--but none of her love!)
D has done some groundwork with Jax, and even sat on his back once or twice, and hopes to have someone start him this spring.
On another front, I have signed up for a Barb Apple clinic being hosted by the Kittitas Valley Trail Riders, during the first weekend of my spring break, mid-March.  I haven't quite decided which of these two girls to ride...
But, seeing as how the trailer is still hooked up, they will both be started back into work this weekend!  Look out, ladies!


  1. Aw, so nice to see pics of Jackson all grown up - he has always been one of my favs on your blog, along with RT. :)

  2. Glad RT is doing so well, and yay Jackson! Poor Betz - hopefully she'll heal up well now that the little bone spurs are gone. I bet she'll be lovely again by the time her summer coat comes in.

  3. Jax looks great; Betz not so much. I hope your vet can fix her back up again!

  4. Poor baby! I hope she heals quickly.

  5. RT looks comfy in that nice red blanket. Jax is beautiful. Betz is sure a good patient. Hope she heals well.