Saturday, October 2, 2010

For Jean and Lucy and All Those SWEET Puppies!

I don't as a rule do flowers.I've got two brown thumbs.At our place in Spokane we had some great volunteer daffodils and tulips.As long as they can take care of themselves...But this year I threw some three-year-old seeds on the pile of well-composted manure up by the gate on the road. They came up! I pulled a few weeds (and probably a few flowers, too--that would be typical). They got watered with the pasture.I particularly like the contrast of the orange poppies and the blue bachelor buttons.
If I'm lucky, maybe they'll self-seed for next year.
[Congratulations to Lucy and her mid-wives Jean and Sue, on ten adorable puppies.]


  1. Just absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could grow beds like that.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about your mule. I love it, wish I could do something like you did with her too. That would be a blast.

  2. Wow, Evensong, those flowers are wonderful! I tried planting wildseeds so many times in my pasture at the old place and on some recreational property I once owned and they never took.
    I love flowers - and right now, pictures of flowers are even better as I don't have to deadhead them, water them, or do anything but enjoy them. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful wildflowers, ES! And thanks for sharing the link to the omg-squeee-adorable puppies. I call very young puppies potato-puppies - they look like squishy little potatoes at that age. :3

  4. Stunning! Your seeds turned into a party in the manure!
    I have no luck with flowers or bulbs either. I planted a bunch of bulbs a coujple years ago because everyone said ANYONE could grow flowers from bulbs. HAH!
    Apparently not me!
    Only a couple popped up and they were pretty scraggly at best.

    Yours turned out lovely!