Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Digs for the Gents

When I first weaned Jackson, I left him and RT in the familiar stall/paddock where Jackson was born, and had lived all his life, when not on pasture. It's the most secure and sturdy, as well as being familiar, and the stall was bedded with straw instead of pellets, for the health of immature eyes and lungs, as well as somewhat fluffier bedtimes.
Last weekend I finished the last bale of the half ton of straw that I got last spring prior to Misty foaling. Plus, the smaller paddock was getting pretty muddy from having two inhabitants, one of whom was always romping around, trying to get the other to play.
So I switched the guys with Misty, giving them more room and slightly nicer footing (at least for the moment).

Jackson got all excited!
At the larger expanse.
Oh boy, Oh Boy! GO BOY!
At all the new sights.
I've NEVER seen the EAST side of the farm!

At the chance to play!
Hey, Old Man. Let's go!Come on!
Leave me alone, Kid!
RT, on the other hand, decided the clean snow provided an opportunity to get a good back scratch.
Wait, RT, wait....I'll take your coat off for you.

Hey, Lady! Aren't you supposed to be taking pictures of ME?!?
Get out my shot, Squirt!

Wait a sec. What's this doin' here?
Is it a new toy for me?
I don thin so.
It don belong here.
Bye bye, blankie.
Thar she goes.
What, Mama Laurie? I don nos hows it gotz there.
This is only a few of a series of over 30 photos I took over less than two minutes, while Jackson took care of that misplaced blanket. When I run through them quickly on Picasa, I get a cute little mini-video. But I can't figure out how to share that with you folks.... I'm asking Santa for a video camera for Christmas, seeing as how my little Cannon, with which I shot earlier short clips of Mr. CutiePie, is on the fritz.

Hey, Lady. Why didn't you just put my mare back in with me, and leave this little snot by himself?
All you'd have to do is open this here gate just a bit...
See ya later, guys. Play nice!


  1. Very cute - thanks for the funny photos! And a merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Watching babies discover new things is SO CUTE! Are you going to pony him in the spring?

    I love seeing horses roll, but it makes me cold watching them roll in the snow. Oh well, it's better than mud...

    Merry Christmas!

  3. This is so cute, I love your captions, I can totally imagine the horses thinking those things!

  4. I can't believe how big Jackson is getting...he looks like a young man in that first picture. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. Your commentary fit perfectly, and made me giggle. Too cute!Jackson sure is one handsome fella. Everyone looks great!

    Happy Holidays to you!


  6. Aww, I love Jackson posts! And the captions are perfect!