Friday, June 12, 2009

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning...

...and the first thing that I saw
was a band of lazy babies
in the pasture to the south,
And they thought it must be breakfast time,
so they came running to the barn, oh,
Won't you stay, we'll put on the day,
And we'll talk in present tenses.

This may be the girls last lazy morning: Today is the last day of school, and starting Saturday, I want to start a regular training routine with at least two of them a day. Kate and Maddie will continue their training and conditioning, while Amy needs to do more work on respect on the lead and showmanship skills. I hope to get the round pen set up so I can get Beth going--she loves attention and she's worn a saddle and snaffle bridle without much fuss, so I'm hoping she will move right along.

Meanwhile in the north pasture....

Peek a boo!

Jackson followed mam out to the pasture for their morning grain, then decided to make a couple of extra loop-de-loos around the arena. At which point he stopped to glare at Misty, who was eating all the grain! There's actually two buckets, but Jackson fooled around so long that Misty had finished the first one and moved on to the second. He doesn't do much yet but nibble at it, but soon we'll have to set up the creep feeder.
Look out Ma, I want some!

Move OVER!

Maybe THIS end will be more persuasive.

Thanks, Mama Misty!
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  1. The ground on Jackson's side of the fence in the photo below Peek a boo! seems extraordinarily sandy; or is it just dry/dusty?

  2. That is actually sandy: It's the end of my almost-an-arena. For an arena, it's actually got too much grass/weed growth, but that's a project for summer!

  3. Jackson is a supercute baby. Your horses have such a lovely home!