Saturday, April 4, 2009

There be pirahnas in there!

You want me to go WHERE?!?

Down heres? Butz....

I'z sure there's an undrgrouns lake down there!

Hangs on, Momma Laurie! I'll gets us outta herez!

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  1. Awesome! That was like a meteor crater!

  2. Actually, it's a future drop jump, with the possibility of water (from the irrigation system--the valve to drain the system is under the green and black housing). One side will use the railroad ties as a 24-30 inch drop, two sides will be sloped walk-ins, and the last side will have a scramble-up bank to the "road". I just got it started last fall, and will continue when I have time. the nice soft dirt will go 200 yards to top off the not so clean fill dirt at the retaining wall end of my arena.

    The bottom looked all cracked and iffy (as far as Maddie was concerned) having been underwater during the thaw last month.